Hawaii Yacht Club

March 31st, 2014


Please welcome our new members:

Doug Nash, Social member:  Sponsored by  Wally Agnew and by Alice Jacob Nelson, Social member:  Sponsored by Earl Hopper and Walter Agnew
Chris and Lila have switched from Associate Membership to Social Membership
Terry and Karen Morphis, Military membership;  Sponsored by Archie Shelton and Linda West.

Doug has already done a stint at the Aloha Gate, Mahalo Doug!  We are still looking for 2 hr slots to be filled each Friday night.  The watch is from 5:30pm to 9:30, two hour shifts or you can take the full 4 hrs.  The hours are flexible; you can stop at 9pm if you wish.  Doing Aloha Gate watch is a great way to meet your fellow members and to meet visiting members from afar.

We are in the middle of a membership recruiting promotion, see the flyer in this bulletin, please help us with this endeavor; it’s a great way to get your friends and co-workers to join.  I understand that there is a contest going to see which member can sponsor in the most new members.  The prize has not been determined, it’ll be a surprise and a good one, I’m told.

Reminder:   No bathing suits in club house after 6pm, covered attire for all.  No outside food at upper deck when galley is open and no outside food on lower deck when galley is doing BBQ hamburgers on Friday night.  No private parties on Friday nights, lower or upper galley.  No swimming off of HYC docks.  No moving or riding bikes on grass area, please use the mauka concrete walkways.  No pets on grounds, you may carry your pet to and from your boat. And, for the final no, no; absolutely no outside liquor to be brought in and consumed on club grounds when bar is open.  Under special conditions, you may bring a bottle of wine, but the bartender must open that bottle and a corkage fee will apply.  Full rules and by-laws available at www.hawaiiyachtclub.org

I know that it sounds like a lot of No’s, but these rules are to ensure your safety, that of other members and that of our liquor license; We want our grass to be thick and green and for our galley concessionaire to be successful.

Mahalo to all of the volunteers.