Hawaii Yacht Club

June 1st, 2014

Aloha members near and far,

As a repeat of last month’s bulletin, I again send out a big Mahalo to the members who have sponsored new members, your pride in your club really showed! As a note to the new members:  “don’t be shy, come and meet us and talk story”
Here are the new members by name and their sponsors:

Brad and Kaki Vessels for Regular Membership-Sponsors are Richard Denton and Alice Woods
Mike and Colleen Wenzel for Regular Membership-Sponsors are Antje Gruenewald/Ron Uregha and Linda West
Larisa ‘Lara’ Woltag for Regular Membership-Sponsors are Linda West and Bob Hinman
Bill and Lovey-Ann Derego-Regular Membership-Sponsors are Ray Heitzman and Richard Denton.
Richard Kwiastkowski and vickia Koutroupas for Regular Membership-Sponsors are Archie Shelton and Joe Bakos.
Gloria Brasuel and her sister Paula Davis for Regular Membership- Sponsors are Leslie Moore and Linda West.
Gary Edwin Daniels for Regular Membership-Sponsors are Sterling Lau and Kawika Warren
Travis J. Scott and his father Ian B. Scott for Regular Membership-Sponsors are Ron Urygha/Antje Gruenewald and Linda West.
Jeremy Harden and Heather Miller for Regular Membership-Sponsors are Charles Robinson and Archie Robinson.

….and our winner for the most sponsorship is ….Antje!
from what I know, Antje actively recruited new members by her enthusiasm and talking up the club.  We ask that you all do the same thing.


  • Bring your finished and dirty bar glasses back to the bar; it’s our job, not the food waitress’ nor the bartender’s.
  • When using the lower galley, wash, dry and put away your dishes.
  • Shower stall area, make sure floor is dry before leaving.
  • and the biggest ‘MUST’: Come down to the club and have F-U-N.


Linda West
Membership Chair