Hawaii Yacht Club

June 28th, 2014

Aloha  Members far and near,

More good news for the membership committee and the club, during our June General Membership Meeting, we inducted the following members: (note, some of the inductees were approved last month but were not able to attend the official induction).  Also, we have our first Corporate Membership in over 20 years.

Corporate Membership ( up to 4 members):
Pavement Technical Solutions:
Brian Orandello
Robert L. Dodson, III
Ron Cross
Gerard Henry

New Memberships:
Regular :  Robert & Barbara Millslagle sponsored by Jerry Sinay & Dave Kelley
Regular :  Richard Kwiatkowski & Vickia Koutroupas sponsored by Archie Shelton & Joe Bakos
Regular :  James and Marybeth Purvis, sponsored by Linda West and Tony Miller
Regular:  Christa & Anthony Arrabito sponsored by Theodore Trimmer & Nick Naiyoke
Regular:  Robert Caires & Janet S. Holman sponsored by Andy Sexton & Linda West
Regular:  Jeremy Harden & Heather Miller sponsored by Charles Robinson & Archie Shelton

Social Membership:  Garrett Schott sponsored by Chris John & Jerry Esary
Social Membership:  Wade Olson sponsored by Chirs John & Sarah St. John

Associate:  Paul & Sandy Masiel sponsored by Mike Dillard & Robert Buck
Associate:  Matthew Stewalt sponsored by Linda West & Ron Pestel
Associate:  Michael & Julie Dillard sponsored by Linda West & Robert Buck
Associate:  Momo Matsudaira & Davin Kenney sponsored by Richard Ally & Linda West
Associate: Momotaro & Yasuyo Hatanaka sponsored by Linda West & Tony Miller

Junior Membership:  Cole Oxe  sponsored by Scott Melander & Linda West

Thank you to all of the members who promoted the club to new members.  Please go out of your way to introduce yourself to the new members and make them feel like part of the family.  Even with the promotional initiation fee over, we ask that you continue to recruit members to join the friendliest yacht club on the planet.

Starting on the last Sunday in July and every month thereafter, we will have a Yard sale/Membership Drive on the HYC laws starting at 7am-11am.  Come early and stay for Galley brunch.  Call me at 808-351-3113 for details and be on the lookout for updates.

As a reminder, no outside liquor to be consumed on HYC grounds when the bar is open.  Outside wine that is not carried by the bar can be brought in and opened by the bartender for a corkage fee.

The By-Laws/Standing Rules are available on-line at www.hawaiiyachtclub.org, it is required reading for new members and a good source of information for long time members.



Linda West
Membership Chair
Staff Commodore

(808) 351-3113