Hawaii Yacht Club

July 29th, 2014

Aloha Members Near and Far,

So many things happening in the club right now, the talk of the club is the new slate of candidates for the various positions available. Running for office is our chance to show our commitment not only to the club but to each other; it’s our personal way to give back! Contact the office for more info!

One of the most exciting things that the Commodore and his Board have implanted is the appointment of Sharon as our Membership Services coordinator. Madeleine, our manager, will remain our ‘go to’ staff but all membership questions will be streamlined through Sharon, a big welcome relief for the membership Chair!  Sharon will also be assisting the Vice-Commodore, making volunteering for the club more fun than work!
It sure makes this volunteer job a lot easier and I know that the VC will agree; all of the tedious printing, emailing, calling, etc…now we have assistance from Sharon, our office Staff! Thank you Commodore and BOG for empowering this new position from our staff members.  Sharon has wholeheartedly accepted this position and our manager, Madeleine, has committed to helping out where and when she can.  It’s such a good feeling when you get the staff and volunteers jumping in to offer their expertise, time and commitment.

I know that Sharon has mentioned the new members in her column but I’d to mention new applications from  Rachel and Mark Myhedyn for Social Membership. Dan & Kim Watkins for Social Membership. Wendy Yeung for Social Membership.   Jordan Sayler for Military membership. Adam kanis and Mary Jo Noonan for Military Membership and already accepted, Corporate members Gerard Henry, Ron Cross and Robert Dodson.  The new applicants are posted for the required 30 posting and will be inducted at our August General Membership meeting, please be present to welcome our new members.

As a reminder, our club has a set of by-laws and standing rules, it is our duty, our responsibility, to know these rules like the back of our hands. Read them, they are available from our website, www.hawaiiyachtclub.org, or from the office, they will make you a copy if you come in and request it, no, we do not mail them out, if unsure, ask, ask, ask; without rules, we cannot succeed! Do your part, follow the rules and part of that rule is to have FUN!


Proudly serving the club and its members,

Linda West
Membership Committee