Hawaii Yacht Club

August 26th, 2014

Aloha members near and far,
At our August General Membership meeting, we introduce our new members:
Travis Branch and Laureen Cunah-Branch for Social Membership. Sponsors are Linda West and Robert Caires.Mary Jo Noonan and Adam Kanis for Military Membership: Sponsors are Alethea Ribman and Joseph Patrick Henry.Wendy Yeung for Social Membership: Sponsors are Ellis & Kathy Abram & Linda West. At that meeting we also formally introduced Regular Members, Tom and Leslie Sullivan, who originate from Massachusetts. Tom is a Staff Commodore of the Braintree Yacht Club.
The following are our new Associate Members:
John Sifling who was a member for 12 years before moving back to the mainland has renewed his membership after many years of being inactive. Deborah Mayfield has also reactivated after a long absence. Woodsy and MC Johnson Willis signed up for Associate membership and plan to visit the island 3-4 times a year. They signed the day after having dinner with their sponsors, the Klocek. MC had left her purse on the upper deck and she was very thankful that the galley crew put it away safely. They would like to thank Jerry Sinay for encouraging them to visit HYC. Steven and Grahm Eder also introduced Ann Cahill and Tony Guy from Costa Mesa, CA to Associate Membership. Richard & Jenny Freeman from Sioux Falls, SD are new Associate Members.
Our Member Services Manager, Sharon, talks about the membership improvement project with her 3 volunteers, this was painstaking job of matching up our paper files with the Jonas System and updating the members’ files. The noticeable results were quick access and communication with delinquent members; most of these members were willing and happy to make payments over the phone. Another result was members receiving early and up to the minute notifications about club events.
BOG member, Leslie Moore has a project in the works for a Membership Drive, scheduled for October 5th; please start recruiting friends, co-workers, family and anyone you think would be an ideal member and who may greatly benefit from being a member and invite them to the drive. It is important that we all, old and new member, re-read the By-Laws and Standing Rules found on our website, www.hawaiiyachtclub.org. Madeleine will also have copy available at the office window and one at the upper bar. Please attend our General Membership Meetings, the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm. After the meeting there is a raffle for 2-3 $25 gift certificate to either the bar, galley or Ships Store, must be present to win.
Linda West-Membership Chair hyc3stars@aol.com