Hawaii Yacht Club

November 28th, 2014

Aloha members near and far,

This past year as your membership chair has been one of my busiest and most rewarding in a very long time.  I remember when then Commodore Al Bento first appointed me to chair this post, he made sure I memorized the By-Laws and Standing Rules and reminded often that members are all share holders in the club and have rights of enjoyment specified in the by-laws.  The Standing rules instructs us on how to fully enjoy ourselves and our club without hurting each other and damaging the club house.  So, it is not only very important but required of all of us to read the By-Laws and Standing Rules, available on line or there’s a copy at the office and at the lower deck library.  The bar, appropriately enough, keeps a copy on hand.

I hope I am not spoiling the surprise, but I can’t keep a secret, I hear that in-coming Commodore Pete Pawling will be appointing Thea Pilutik Koshman Hale to chair the Membership Committee.  This is not official yet as Pete has not yet been inducted but I thought I’d add some buzz to the story by publishing it here ‘first’.  Thea was highly recommended by our Hospitality Chair, Normajean Cavell who had trained Thea during Transpac a few years back.  You will be hearing from Normajean soon when she will get an early start on recruiting for her hospitality committee for Transpac 2015.

Thanks again to the BOG for sponsoring the last membership drive and the results are in:  Inducted at our November 18th GM meeting:

For Regular Membership:
Peter & Emi Porter
K. Harper
Grant & Teena Smart
Jason Binns & Joseph Woods
Kermit Rydell & Pam Rishel
Frederick & Diana Martinez
Jay Henderson & Carol Fox
Robert & Darla Salmond
Sara Jo & Jeffrey Irons

For Social Membership:
Lee Kehaulani & Merima
Robert Berthaiaum

For Intermediate Membership:
Matthew Chipchase
Mallory Kracher

For Associate Membership
Richard & Michele Roundtree-Wold

Thank you to all of the membership committee volunteers who helped me with the interviews, leis and phone calls.  Thank you Madeleine, Diana and Carrie with the office work in processing the new members.  Thank you Bulletin and Website Committee and Face Book Chairs for your hard work.  Mahalo to all of those who voted for me to serve on your Board of Governors for the next two years.  I look forward to working with the other governors and to strive to do what is best for the club and the members.


Aloha,   Linda West