Hawaii Yacht Club

Jacob Barsky

Experience Level: 1 = No Experience
Hello, I love being on the water and go out for a surf, kayak trip, or a swim as often as I can. Sailing is a skill and experience that I have always dreamed about learning. I have flexibility in my schedule from Friday late afternoon until Sunday evening and hope that I can help out a skipper while also learning about my role as crew during some of this time. Though I do not know exactly what skills are expected of crew, I would add in that I have some experience with various types of rope knots (as i have always found it an interesting and useful skill). During the week I work as Music Director at St. John Vianney Parish School in Kailua – I am always happy to bring along a guitar (or maybe even an accordion, ukulele, saxophone, clarinet, oboe, or shamisen) or if anyone wants to jam! ***note*** the phone number here is a google voice number (you can leave a message but I prefer an email). I would prefer to only give out my cell in person.
914-279-0109 Email