Hawaii Yacht Club

Transpac 2019 Press Release

HYC July Bulletin -Press Release 

Subject: 2019 Transpac Update – The yachts are coming!

From: Vice Chairman, Harbor Operations

The 93 yachts in Transpac have race starts on July 10, 12 & 13 and should arrive in Hawaii starting July 18 –July 24.  For general information, go to the Transpac website https://2019.transpacyc.com/

HYC has always been a big supporter of this event and we are positioned to be in the center of the action.  Temporary relocating from HYC slips during Transpac for 1 to 2 weeks (from about July 18-28 to accommodate Transpac Yachts) was discussed with slip holders at a June 15, 2019 meeting at HYC.  Volunteers moving their boats are greatly appreciated and it should be a big boost for HYC to have Transpac yachts within the club boundaries.  Transient boats docking at HYC are asked to relocate during this time period.  The HYC Commodore, Port Captain and BOG will be assisting those that are asked to vacate their slip.  For additional information please refer to the HYC By-Laws and Mooring and Storage Facilities Standing Rules.

The 93 yachts coming to Hawaii are planned to be moored at the following locations;

  • WYC 30
  • Ali Wai 500 Row 30
  • HYC 18
  • Kewalo Basin 13
  • Honolulu Harbor 02 

Total 93

Volunteers/boaters are needed and if you are interested in the committees under Harbor Operations, they include:

Pier Operations – the actual placement and mooring of the yachts, arriving day or night, and getting all 106 yachts secured safety. Contact Chris Harmes c: 953-0025 for more information.

Escort Boats – the ‘Follow Me’ power boats that meet the arriving yachts at DH Lighthouse (the ‘Finish Line’) and escorting them to their mooring locations. Contact Rachel Simon c: 375-9489 for more information.

Boat Hosting – throwing a party for each arriving visiting boat (with rum filled pineapples and fresh food).  Pick a boat and have a party.  Contact Cathy Pratt c: 382-0595 for more information.

Shuttle Boat – the Ala Wai harbor transportation system to get the yachtsmen and women from HYC to WYC only.  Contact Lenny Cantor c: 285-2766 for more information.

Feel free to contact me.  Thank you in advance for your help.


Doug Allen, V/C Harbor Operations.