Hawaii Yacht Club

2020 Ala Wai Dredging

The dredging of the Ala Wai Canal will begin in a couple of weeks.  The barges and equipment needed for this project are arriving in the Ala Wai Today and throughout the project timeline of 7 months.  

This project will impact boaters’ ability to navigate the Ala Wai Channel and the harbor for the 7 month period that the project is in progress.

There will be a couple of large barges, tugs, and other equipment stationed NW of the Aloha Dock for the entire time period of this project.  A barge towed and pushed by 1 or 2 tugs will be transiting the channel 4 times each day.  The workday for the dredging crew begins at 0600 and ends at 2200 each day.

HYC is working with the dredging company to keep the Friday Night Races running smoothly. We will announce changes if any to the races on Social media, through email, and or on this site.