Seeking Information Regarding the Yawl Corvus or the Schooner Lang Syne

In 1936, Phyllis and William Crowe sailed their 25 foot yawl, Corvus into Ala Wai Harbor.

Between 1936 and 1938, the Crowes completed their next boat, the Lang Syne on a beach lot that they rented for $5.00 a month.

In December 1941 they weathered the attack on Pearl Harbor while aboard the Lang Syne, while moored in the Ala Wai Harbor.

Don Holm has written the "rest of the story" which can be read here.

Crowe family lore has it that the Corvus was placed somewhere on land, on the island of Oahu, with a plaque commemorating the Crowe's accomplishment.

Over the years, several of the Crowe family decendants have visited the islands, but to date, no one has been able to locate the boat, plaque, or even the Corvus' final resting place, though they have not given up the search.

Any information on the 25' yawl Corvus or the 39' Schooner Lang Syne would be appreciated.

Please forward any and all information you have, regarding either of these vessels, to Barbara Crowe at either of her email addresses.

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