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Hawaii Yacht Club Fishing

Rear Commodore, Power – OPEN (but fishing continues!)

2018 Fishing Tournament Schedule

Saturday   – Senorita’s – Fishing on Saturday April 14, 2018, Awards on Sunday

2017 Fishing Tournament Schedule 

Sunday, February 26 – 34th Annual Junior Fishing – joint event with WYC

Saturday March 11 – President’s Day Pick one or be one for the day

Saturday April 15 – Senorita’s – Fishing on Saturday, Awards on Sunday

Saturday June 24 – Cockeyed Mayor – Fishing on Saturday

Saturday August 12 – Aloha Memorial – In memory of HYC fisherman

Saturday September 9 – Wahines – Go Get em Girls!

Saturday November 18 – Do or Die – Fishing on Saturday, Awards on Sunday

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Do or Die Fishing Tournament

After many cancellations and reschedules, the 2016 Do or Die FT finally happened on January 7, 2017 and the results are as followed:

6 Entries: Winners:

  • First Place: Capt Lee Severs on Sea Verse- 211.5 lb Blue Marlin
  • Second Place: Capt Bob McGowan on Blue Nun – 40.5 lb Bull Mahi Mahi
  • Third Place: Capt Bill Taylor on Le’aLe’a – 20 Lb Ahi
  • Fourth Place: Capt Craig Mitchell on Mitch’s 18lb Ahi

The Awards brunch was on the following day at the Galley by the Sea on upper deck of the club house. Season’s points were also awarded for 2016

  • First Place: Capt Jim Bixbee on Point Given with Largest Fish a 311.5 Marlin
  • Second Place: Le’aLe’a Capt Bill Taylor –most catch- Wahine Fishing Tournament
  • Third Place: Capt Bob McGowan on Blue Nun- most weight- Senorita’s

HYC 2013 Fishing Tournament Schedule

HYC Club Fishing Rules, Purpose, Event Conditions

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Fishing Tournament
Blue Nun Fishing

Mahalo... Do or Die!

Schedule of 2013 Events

  • Feb 10 Sun Juniors Fishing Tournament by HYC & WYC; 30th annual.
  • Feb 16 Sat President’s Day Pick one or be one.
  • Mar 16 Sat 8th Annual Mitch’s Shoot-out
  • Apr 20/21 Sat/Sun Senoritas – Fish Saturday and Party Sunday.
  • Jul 6/7 Sat/Sun Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai – Two days of fishing.
  • Aug 17 Sat Aloha Memorial – In memory of HYC fishermen.
  • Sept 14 Sat Wahines – Go get ’em girls!
  • Nov 16/17 Sat/Sun Do or Die – 41 hours non-stop fishing.

Winner of the 30th Annual

Senorita Jackpot Fishing Tournament

Maxime Youngleson/Bongile

Maxime Youngleson/Bongile

239 lb. Blue Marlin
Congratulations Maxime!!